Copy of Copy of Open Evening Presentation

At the start of the academic year you will set academic goals for each of your courses.


These will be based on your prior attainment in examinations and will be challenging. At regular times during the year your teachers will assess your current progress and make a prediction about your final grade.


You will be informed about these grades and you will work with your tutor to set interim targets in order to help maintain or improve your progress. Students who are not meeting their target grades will be encouraged to do so by taking part in additional strategies designed to improve their level of performance.


GCSE Mathematics and GCSE English.

If you have achieved less than a GCSE grade 4 Mathematics and/or English you will be required to re-take the course(s) to try to improve your grade.


You will have the opportunity to work on your skills and have more practice before taking the exam again.


Please be aware that re-sitting these subjects may affect your A Level subject choices.