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Traditional class teaching, practical sessions and independent study workshops are complemented by a range of textbooks and other resources.


Students are encouraged to increase the depth of their subject knowledge through independent study workshops where they are given directed tasks to complete in peer groups. In the Sciences we value seeing the applications of the theory we learn. To this end past visits have included an international trip to Honduras and more local trips to Yorkshire and Salcey forest, all to study the environmental niches that exist.




There are a large number of Biology courses available at universities which stand alone or can be combined with subjects such as Psychology or Sports Science.


It is possible to complete a dual honours degrees with Biology. In terms of career options Biology is a highly regarded qualification.


Studying the Sciences takes discipline and commitment and is best suited to students who have a good attention to detail, strong mathematical skills and a passion for learning. Biology is a facilitating subject that provides pathways to careers such as: a research scientist, a meteorologist, a geologist, a wildlife biologist, a genetic councillor, a nurse, a biochemist, a doctor or a dental surgeon.




Grades 6/6 in Combined Science or 6 Biology






Whether you want to work in medicine, veterinary or pathology or even teach the Sciences to others, Biology will give you the fundamental knowledge and skills to follow these career paths. You will understand the fundamentals of how livings organisms work and interact with their environment.

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