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Traditional class teaching is supplemented by problem solving simulation and case studies using the theories covered in the course to analyse real world businesses, from local sole traders right up to international conglomerates.


It is very important to us that students get to see the application of the theories they learn in action and to this end, students can expect to go on both international and local trips.


In the past we have visited Sky Academy in London, Malmo in Sweden, The John Lewis Partnership, IKEA, Coca-Cola




There are a large number of Business courses available at universities which stand alone or can be linked with Accountancy, Computing, Product Design, Languages, Mathematics, Sports Facility Management, Tourism and Psychology to name but a few. A similar range can be found linked to Management Studies and Marketing degrees. In terms of career options, Business is a multifaceted and flexible course and the applied mathematical, linguistic and analytical skills learnt are true life skills with relevance to anyone participating in the modern marketbased environment.


In the past it has been highly useful to students wanting to start up their own business, enter private practice in dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary science, engineering and architecture as well as the more obvious careers in finance, marketing and management.




You do not need to have studied Business at GCSE level to pursue this course





Applied Business Studies

Whether you want to work in finance, marketing, HR, operations or even start your own company, Business Studies will give you a grounding in all of the fundamental functions of a firm.


You will understand what really make a business tick, what qualities the best leaders and managers have and how they bring them to bear to ensure their success.


The course is comprised of 2/3 coursework and 1/3 exam in each year.

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