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Drama and Theatre Studies is a creative and exciting course that is a majority practical subject that offers students the opportunity to work individually and as part of small and large groups. The course is focused on practical dramatic skills and will enable students to work collaboratively to create devised and scripted performances from a text. Students will focus on theatrical practitioners as part of the course and they will be encouraged to discover the work of practitioners through practical experiences. They will develop an ability to analyse study texts and unseen texts as an actor and a director.


Students can also opt for designing skills such as lighting, costume, sound and set. Drama & Theatre Studies gives students the opportunity to explore the theory behind creating effective theatre and develop skills to enable you to create your own. During the course you will look at work in a variety of styles from the point of view of Director, Designer and Performer. Drama and Theatre studies will develop skills that can be transferred to other subjects and enrich candidates' cultural development, involvement in and enjoyment of drama and theatre throughout their lives. It is also important to us that students get the opportunity as part of the course to see a vast range of different plays; students can expect to go on local trips. In the past we have visited theatres in London, Warwickshire, Leicestershire, and Northamptonshire.




There are a large number of Drama courses available at universities which stand alone or can be linked with Law, History, Film Studies/Media, English, Languages, Business Studies, Marketing and many more. Drama and Theatre Studies has a diverse range of transferable skills which not only universities but also apprenticeships and business highly regard, such skills include; communication, team work, analytical and linguistic skills, confidence, time management and many more.and a passion for learning.





Grade 5 at GCSE





Drama & Theatre studies

Why choose this subject? Whether you want to work on the stage, TV or presenting, behind the scenes on stage or TV or are looking to become a teacher, Drama and Theatre studies will give you an understanding in all areas of the Arts and more.


Drama and Theatre studies is also highly beneficially to other careers for its many transferable skills that you need to become a lawyer, solicitor, work in the police force, management positions, journalism and many more.

Why choose this course?

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