Copy of Copy of Open Evening Presentation

Our Sixth Form dress code is 'Office smart'


For guidance this means:

Smart, formal trousers (no jeans, or tracksuit bottoms) or a skirt of a modest length (no more than a couple of inches above the knee)

A shirt, buttoned up, with a hard collar or a smart blouse or top (not sleeveless, strapless (‘strappy’ or low cut)

Smart, leather shoes (no trainers, canvas shoes) with socks

Ties will not be necessary

Clothes need to be worn smartly; for example, covering the midriff.


It will not be acceptable to wear clothes that are not ‘office smart’. For example:


Mini skirts

Clothing with oversized logos or slogans


Canvas shoes


Earrings are acceptable as long as they are fairly discrete

Jewellery in moderation, remember, the aim is still to look smart.

No facial piercings

ID badges should be worn at all times.