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English Literature

English Literature is a popular course that offers a dynamic and exciting exploration of a wide range of literature. This course will enable you to engage in depth with some of the most powerful and inspirational literary texts from the last century, allowing you to sharpen and refine the ways you approach all literary material. You will be given the opportunity to respond to a variety of texts from all three genre – poetry, plays and novels – and encouraged to develop informed opinions and judgements about them. Most lessons will involve explorations of key themes, characters and authors’ stylistic techniques. Through this, you will develop your own ideas about the books you study in class and reflect on them more deeply.

Like many A Level subjects, English Literature GCE is nothing like its GCSE counterpart. It is challenging and requires a secure knowledge of terminology. You will use your detailed knowledge and understanding of individual works of literature to explore relationships between texts and to appreciate the significance of culture and contextual influences upon readers and writers.


You will experience a wide range of reading in poetry, prose and drama including at least one Shakespeare play.


You will show knowledge and understanding of the functions and effects of structure, form and language in texts; some of the ways in which individual texts are interpreted by different readers; and some of the ways in which texts relate to one another and to the contexts in which they are written and read. You will learn how to show judgement and independence as you synthesise and reflect upon your knowledge and understanding of a range of literary texts and ways of reading them; and make appropriate use of the conventions of writing in literary studies, including quotations and sources.





English literature is a valued subject in higher education. English Literature is a traditional, academic qualification that is highly valued by universities and employers. It is a necessary qualification for those hoping to pursue a traditional English degree but is also a significant qualification for many other disciplines. It can be the gateway to careers in management and administration, journalism, social work and many others.





Grade 6 at GCSE



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