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Students are encouraged to become responsible borrowers, sensible savers, and have an appreciation of the need for financial planning throughout their life. Its purpose is to prepare students for further study through the development of the core skills of critical analysis and evaluation, synthesis, verbal communication (through classroom discussion) and written communication.


This course develops the knowledge and skills required for students to make informed financial decisions by introducing them to the risks and challenges involved in personal finance and the tools for effective planning. Within this, it provides a solid basis for creating financial inclusion, by exploring socialeconomic trends and their relationship with an individual’s circumstances and attitudes.




The financially related content of this course serves as a strong grounding for undergraduate study within finance and businessrelated disciplines, with many students going on to study accounting, business, finance and banking.


The skills developed and enhanced during the course provide valuable study skills appropriate for these disciplines and others, and students have pursued a wide range of other undergraduate courses following this qualification. Financial capability is also supportive of the personal and financial skills that underpin clear decisions about progression options and life as an undergraduate.




You do not need to have studied Financial Studies at GCSE level to pursue this course





Financial Studies

The Certificate in Financial Studies (CeFS) and Diploma in Financial Studies (DipFS) qualifications will provide you with the core disciplines of financial capability.


How to manage your money, how mortgages and other forms of credit work and the impact of the economy on the financial services system.

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