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This course has mandatory and optional units for example:

  •  Developing effective communication

  • Equality and diversity Development through the life stages

  • Caring for children and young people


A key element of this course is an internship. Your experience in a work place will be invaluable to understanding the topics and developing the final assignments.




Successful completion of the programme will give you a range of options including direct entry to employment or a place on an apprenticeship scheme. There are a wide range of careers available including nursing, working in a nursery and care professionals.


There are a large number of options if you would like to go on to higher education including early years education and nursing. It is not too early to look at higher education prospectuses to investigate the range of options available. The majority of students who have studied this course have gone to University, the degrees have been varied, for example Primary Education, Midwifery, Nursing, and Childhood Studies.




You do not need to have studied Health and Social Care at GCSE, but this is a good progression route from the GCSE course if that has already been completed.






Health & Social Care

The BTEC Extended Certificate in Health and Social Care is a work related programme which will allow you to develop skills in a number of different areas of this rapidly growing employment sector. Workers in this sector are essential to the wellbeing of our entire community and it is likely that this will continue to grow in future years. The programme will allow you to develop specific skills that are needed in Health and Care sectors.

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