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We believe that learning should be about both your qualities and your qualifications. Employees tell us they are looking for “rounded and grounded" young people, who have a range of experiences and skills in addition to an outstanding attitude and aptitude.


The Passport to Employment gives you the opportunity to develop and demonstrate your qualities, and puts learning into your hands. You will collect a portfolio of evidence towards the passport during your time in the Sixth Form. Depending on the depth and breadth of your achievements, you may receive the passport award at Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum level.


You will keep track of all your participation, both inside and outside of school and this will then act as a record for employers and further education.


The criteria may be met through a set number of hours for an activity or being a member of a sports club or team. It could include five days of work experience for Internship or the Duke of Edinburgh Award. Outside of school it could involve voluntary service in a local charity, community radio, sports centres and more. The community support in leadership roles could be a student council representative, Scouts or Guides, St. John’s Ambulance or World Challenge.


It is about you reflecting upon and communicating what you have gained from an experience and the enrichment it has given you. For the full award, students must complete at least 50 hours of eligible enrichment activities.


You may also complete an Extended Project Qualification. The EPQ allows students to embark on a largely selfdirected and selfmotivated project. Students must choose a topic, plan, research and develop their idea and decide on their finished product. Creativity and curiosity is encouraged. A project topic may be directly related to a student’s main study programme, but should always look beyond the specification. A finished product may take the form of a research based written report, a production, for example, a charity event, fashion show or sports event or an artefact, for example, a piece of art or a computer game. A written account must also accompany the last two options.


Students who complete the passport, and are also successful in their core learning and an extended project qualification will have met the criteria for the National Baccalaureate for England. This is a new national framework that EWS is helping to develop to recognise students’ wider achievements and demonstrate that learning is for life.

Passport to employment