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  • Arguments for the existence of God, evil and suffering, religious experience, religious language, Plato & Aristotle, the mind, body & soul, the nature of God.

  • How religion is influenced by, and influences, philosophy of religion in relation to the issues studied.

  • Ethical theories, euthanasia, sexual ethics and business ethics, meta ethics, free will and moral responsibility, conscience, Bentham and Kant.

  • An in-depth and broad study of Christianity including death and the afterlife, the person of Jesus, Christian moral action, gender and society




This course gives you an insight into Philosophy at University. It can also make a significant contribution to any job that requires you to think clearly and rigorously. Big business – the City firms, the banks, the management consultancies, the chartered accountants – are enthusiastic about people who’ve done philosophy, because they know how to think clearly.


Philosophy students also go into law, politics, and the civil service. Journalism is a logical career path, since you have to be able to write well and present ideas logically and clearly. Advertising is another choice, as well as teaching!




You must have a grade 5 at GCSE in English.

You do not have to have studied Philosophy at GCSE.




Philosophy & Ethics

Choose this subject if you are interested in asking questions, want to explore the meaning of life as well as why people act the way they do towards each other.

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