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Psychology will look at a variety of areas of introductory psychological study; this will include topics such as the following:

  • Cognitive psychology: memory and eyewitness testimony

  • Memory: how the memory works

  • Developmental psychology: early social development and attachment

  • Psychopathology: how we define abnormality, the characteristics of specific disorders

  • Social psychology: conformity, obedience and independent behaviour and individual differences

  • Research Methods: the research methods which underpin psychology


After this introduction to the field of study students may then explore a range of topics in Psychology such as Cognitive development, Stress and Forensic Psychology in addition to research methods and issues and debates in Psychology





Psychology is a popular and respected academic subject and can open the door to a number of different careers and higher education courses. There are also research prospects with a degree in Psychology in a variety of fields such as Clinical, Educational and Forensic Psychology. Psychology is also an important area in the field of business and the media




Candidates will require English and Maths at grade 5




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Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and behaviour. Through studying the subject you will explore the differing views in psychology as to how people are influenced in their behaviour in different areas of life. This gives an engaging and interesting insight into what makes people act in the ways they do in different situations.

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