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In Sociology you will study a number of topics which look at contemporary issues and how sociologists interpret their development and impact.


These include:

  • Social identity in areas such as gender, ethnicity, class and age

  • The family and how it is changing

  • The nature and cause of inequalities in society: class, gender, age and ethnicity

  • The societal impact of global technology and social media

  • Crime and Deviance: explaining and solving crime

  • Educational changes and remaining inequalities


A key element of sociology is also to look at how sociologists investigate society and the methods they use.


In studying these areas of society through the academic study of sociology you will gain a critical understanding of key issues in contemporary society.




Sociology develops your skills of discussion, analysis and evaluation; these skills are valuable in a wide range of occupational areas. This includes careers such as social research, law, journalism, teaching, business and public services. Sociology may lead directly to studying the subject at university or to a broad range of related degree areas such as politics, international relations, social sciences, journalism etc




Candidates will require English at grade 5




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Sociology is a subject that requires you to think beyond the obvious and examine how everyday life can be influenced by the society in which we live. You will look at the impact of class, gender, ethnicity and age on our identity and life chances and examine how society is always in process of change. You will also look at how sociologists carry out their research.

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