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The BTEC Extended Certificate in Sport course will be taught through a mixture of interactive lessons, individual and group tasks, practical activities, discussions and presentations. Lessons will be delivered in classrooms, the Fitness Suite and the Sports Hall.


You should be aware this is mostly a theory based course and this should be considered before making your final choice.




There are a large number of Sport related university courses available across the country such as; Sport and Exercise Science, Sport Studies, Sports Management, Sports Injuries and Sports Rehabilitation. From studying Sport it can lead to careers such as a PE Teacher, Sports Coach, working in the Fitness and Training Industry, Sports Development as well as careers in Sports Therapy. Apprenticeships are also available within the sports industry for example within Fitness Training and Sports Marketing. Even if student’s do not decide to pursue a career in sport the course develops transferable skills such as teamwork, cooperation and leadership experiences as well as a lifelong passion for sport and a healthy lifestyle that will compliment any future career choices.




A pass at GCSE for those who have studied Physical Education previously




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By choosing this course it will give you an opportunity to develop your knowledge of sport, not just in a practical way but you will also be able to improve your performance analysis skills whilst also gaining an in depth insight in to the anatomy and physiology of sport. If you are interested in any of the following careers then this course is for you: PE Teacher, Sports Coach, Fitness Instructor, Sports Therapy

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