Copy of Copy of Open Evening Presentation

You will have a form group and will register each morning with your form tutor. As a Sixth Form tutor the core role is to support students as they strive to become independent adults. Support comes in many forms and is adapted to the individual needs of the particular student.


At its basic level, we monitor and address attendance, punctuality and check that students are adhering to the dress code; qualities expected of any employed person. Beyond this we also help you to reflect on your academic progress and guide you on the use of your study periods, enabling you to understand how, where and when you will do your most effective work. Your tutor will meet with you on a one to one basis to discuss your progressing, set and review your personal goals. We will support you in reviewing your goals each term.


Sometimes tutors may need to help you come to terms with the fact that things are not going well, identify the causes of the issues and work through a study plan with you; liaison between teachers, students and parents is a key aspect of this. Concerns raised by an individual teacher would lead a tutor to investigate further and identify if the issue is subject specific one or whether it is a small piece of a larger picture. Depending on the nature and scale of the concern we may contact parents and arrange a meeting. Likewise, if parents raise a concern, we will happily meet with them and work together to resolve the issue. This approach allows the students to feel there is a supportive network around them which can be tightened and released when appropriate for them.


Aside from academic progress, we encourage our students to participate in extra-curricular activities and to push themselves beyond their comfort zones to develop new skills and interests and to take on leadership roles within the school.