Copy of Copy of Open Evening Presentation

School work in the Sixth Form is different from previous years. You are expected to take a more independent approach to your work and do things because you see the value in them rather than because you have been told to.


Students who succeed in the Sixth Form are often characterised by their approach to their studies. They will be self motivated, good organisers of their time, meet deadlines and can always be relied upon to do their best.


Make sure that you are aware of the requirements of the course and the specification. Use this information to guide your progress through the year. Always complete homework set by your teachers well in advance of the deadline so that you have time to ask the teacher for help before it is due to be handed in.


If you have ‘spare time’, make sure that it is not wasted. If you have completed work set by the teacher do some extra work. You could research the next topic to be studied or start writing revision notes. Make sure that you use any text books or resources provided by the teacher. Make your own notes from appropriate passages of the texts. Use the study rooms and complete additional work for your studies.


Independent private study is key. No student should ever say, “I don’t have anything to do”! You might not have been asked to do a specific task – but there will always be things you could do that would benefit your progress. You can always start your revision programme – even in September!


Always act on any advice or comments provided by your teachers and tutors. Make sure that you maximise every opportunity.