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Sixth Form transport to and from school

Sixth Form students do not qualify for a free bus pass. If they wish to travel on school transport, they will need to apply for a non-entitled Student Bus Pass.


Further information can be obtained through the 'School Transport' section of the Northamptonshire County Council website


There is a Sixth Form bursary available to support with transport costs


Cross site transport

To enable a wider provision of subjects at Post 16 for students on each campus we share some subjects across our sites.


To do this we provide transport for the students between the sites and have a contract with coach providers who are local authority approved.


Currently this movement of students takes place at the start of the school day, at break time and also at lunchtime. We do ensure that students are back on their home site for their end of school travel.


The travel between the two sites is funded by the school. Students should not use their own transport to travel between campuses, they should use the school transport provided.